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In Loving Memory of Doris Blum Gorelick

August 7, 2022

On August 7th 2022 The Neighborhood Playhouse family said goodbye to one of it's most cherished members and fiercest of advocates, Ms. Doris Blum Gorelick. 

For over 73 years Doris was an indomitable fixture in The Neighborhood Playhouse culture. A graduating member of the class of 1951, Doris went on to influence every level of the institution as she climbed the ladder from artistic, administrative, production, executive, and leadership roles. During her trailblazing and unprecedented 33 year tenure as head of the Junior School, Doris touched the lives of countless young artists and their families. All the while, she built a formidable professional reputation as an accomplished producer with a keen artistic eye — honed at her beloved Neighborhood Playhouse — during some of the most transformative and influential years of the American theatre. Doris' love and stewardship of the Neighborhood Playhouse did not end with her passing, as decisions she made as the longest-tenured member of the Playhouse Board of Directors go on to shape and protect the future of this storied institution.

The Neighborhood Playhouse will miss her as a friend, a stalwart champion, and a keeper of the flame. 

Thank you, Doris. For everything. 

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