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Our Mission

The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt school of training for actors, accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

The mission of The Neighborhood Playhouse School is:

  • To provide a multi-dimensional and practical education in the dramatic arts to young theatre students who seek a professional life in acting and related employment.
  • To further the unique type of training developed over the years at The Neighborhood Playhouse.
  • To serve as a cultural resource by making its historical archives and facilities available to students and scholars.
  • To serve the New York City community at large and especially the theatre community in Manhattan that includes former students and former similarly trained exponents of the Meisner way of work by offering support for postgraduate continuing educational growth experience in practical ways as well as academic.

In support of its mission, the school has the following goals:

  • By means of its academic programs to give the young student actor a means of seriously investigating the depths of his or her own instrument in order that the instrument might expand, widen in range and, in every way, respond to the subtleties of the complex and delicate human emotional relationships and situations that an actor faces each time he or she prepares for a new role.
  • To provide a faculty of experienced teaching professionals of the highest possible caliber to teach, evaluate and advise the student body in the various disciplines required.
  • To maintain an outstanding student body by admitting only students who have the talent and motivation to succeed and by providing them with the necessary educational training and administrative support.
  • To support the academic programs by providing outstanding resources, including physical facilities, equipment, and library and learning resources.
  • To provide a viable Outreach Program for graduates, former students and other Meisner-trained members of the New York acting community which will act as a development resource for new playwrights and directors.
  • To continuously upgrade the facilities to provide a safe, code-abiding, comfortable, and clean space for students, employees and guests.