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Q: What do I do to arrange for housing during my studies?

A: Students are responsible for securing their own housing in New York City.  The Neighborhood Playhouse office can provide some assistance on where and how to look for housing and other helpful tips for your apartment search and living in general. Incoming students may contact the office as needed for up to date information.

Q: Can I have a Part-Time Job?

A: Although we understand your may need part-time employment to assist in covering expenses, the schedule is very demanding. Students are not allowed to perform in outside performances during the school year while attending The Neighborhood Playhouse. If you pursue a part-time job, you are responsible for ensuring it does not interfere with attendance. Students must be available for classes Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm. A few of our students have procured evening and/or weekend part-time jobs after they have felt comfortable in their school schedule. Please be advised that international students will not be allowed to work in the USA on an F-1 Student Visa.

Q: How do I arrange for medical insurance during my studies?

A: As the school does not provide a student health insurance plan students are responsible for making their own arrangements for medical coverage.

Q: Are students given opportunities to attend cultural and performance events in New York City?

A: The school occasionally receives discount and complimentary tickets to Broadway and off-Broadway performances as well as concerts and other exciting events in New York City which we circulate to the student body. In an attempt to enhance your training as an artist and actor we organize group tickets to attend professional productions whenever possible. For more information on discount tickets available to you, as a student, independently please visit the following websites or stop in the office:

Q: Can I audit a class?

A: Unfortunately, no. The reason is best explained by Goethe, "The actor's career develops in public, but his art develops in private." The Neighborhood Playhouse is devoted to maintaining that privacy. However, we do welcome you to attend an Open House. Open houses offer participants a first-hand experience of a Meisner Acting technique class among other sample classes. 

Q: Can I still audition for work while I am enrolled in school?

A: No. Students may not work in the profession during the school year. They are able to work in the summer between first and second year as long as it does not conflict with school responsibilities. The full time program is very demanding and attendance is extremely important.

Q: How do you determine who is invited back for the second year?

A: The faculty and Executive Director evaluate each student by various criteria including attendance, motivation, participation, preparedness, and overall growth and development throughout the first year.

Q: I'm an alumni. How do I get a transcript or proof of attendance?

All Transcript Requests should be sent to Please include "Transcript Request: Your Name" in your subject line. In your request, please clearly indicate:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Your name at the time of attendance (if different)
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Copy or photo of your ID (we use this to verify that you are requesting your files)
  • Years Attended and Program (ex: 1998-2000, Full-Time Conservatory)
  • What you require: A transcript, a letter of completion, a copy of your certificate, etc.

Q: May I be considered for both the Six week summer intensive and the full-time Program at the same Time?

A: No. Applicants may apply to only one program at a time.

Q: I didn't get accepted this time, when can i apply again?

A: You must wait one calendar year before you can reapply to The Neighborhood Playhouse.

Q: Do you have Merchandise?

A: Yes! Visit our store on Bonfire for all your Playhouse clothing needs.