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First year scholarshipS

Photo of Neighborhood Playhouse graduate, Joanne Woodward.

The Neighborhood Playhouse is extremely delighted to announce

The Joanne Woodward First Year Scholarship

This scholarship, which began being offered in Fall 2019, is available to first year domestic applicants. Applicants chosen for the Joanne Woodward First will be chosen based on both merit and need. 

For nearly 90 years, The Neighborhood Playhouse has been a pillar of acting excellence. The talented actors that have walked through our doors are an immeasurable artistic patrimony to the world, just as world-renowned Academy Award-winning actress and Neighborhood Playhouse alumna, Joanne Woodward is. 

Ms. Woodward is one of those immeasurable talents.

We are immensely grateful to Ms. Woodward’s daughter, Clea Newman, and to Neighborhood Playhouse alumna, Emily Wachtel ('90), who was instrumental in constructing the framework for this scholarship.

Come follow your dream and join a legacy of excellence in actor training!

Please note: The deadline to apply for the Joanne Woodward Scholarship for the 2023-2024 Academic Year has passed (March 1st, 2023). We will announce information about the 2024-2025 scholarship deadline soon.


Second Year Scholarships

There are a number of scholarship funds that have been set up by alumni and friends of The Neighborhood Playhouse for second year students. Criteria are based on a combination of both need and merit for second year scholarships. Second year scholarships are given by application to eligible second year students only. 

The Neighborhood Playhouse is honored to award the following scholarships to a limited number of accomplished, second-year students who demonstrate financial need:

  • John Erman Scholarship
  • Matt McCoy Scholarship
  • Tony Randall Memorial Scholarship