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Financial Aid Information

financial Aid

Students may be eligible for financial assistance under one or more of the federal programs. These programs include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Direct Stafford Loans, and Federal Direct PLUS Loan. These programs are designed to assist students in meeting their educational expense. Students applying for financial aid are required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. 

The FAFSA Code for Neighborhood Playhouse is 009029. 


Students must 

  • demonstrate financial aid (for most programs); 
  • be U.S. citizens and eligible noncitizens; 
  • have a valid social security number; 
  • be registered with Selective Service, if you are a male (you must register between the ages of 18 and 25) 
  • have a valid high school diploma or a recognized equivalency such as GED; 
  • be enrolled in the Two-Year Certificate: Professional Actor Training program are eligible to apply for federal student aid; 
  • not be in default on any federal student loan; 
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) as outlined in the SAP section below. 

Click here to view the Federal Student Aid webpage for more information on the requirements you must meet to be eligible for Financial Aid.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions at 

Types of Federal Student Aid 

Federal Pell Grant

Federal Pell Grants usually are awarded only to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need, have not reached their limit of lifetime eligibility, and have not earned a bachelor's, graduate, or professional degree. The maximum Federal Pell Grant award is $6,195 for the 2022-23 award year. To determine your eligibility you must obtain an FSA ID and complete a FAFSA. Click here for additional information on the Federal Pell Grant. 

Federal direct Stafford Loans

The U.S. Department of Education offers low interest loans for students who need assistance with paying educational expenses. Students may be eligible to receive subsidized and unsubsidized loans based on their financial need. Eligibility for subsidized and unsubsidized loans depend on students dependency status, previous loan award history, and calculated EFC as determined by the FAFSA. 

Direct Subsidized Loans are available to undergraduate students with financial need. Interest does not accrue while a student is in school, during a grace period or during in-school determent. 

Direct Unsubsidized Loans are available to undergraduate and graduate students; there is not requirement to demonstrate financial need. Students are responsible for the interest while they are in school. Students may elect to pay the interest while in school or defer payment until after grace period end. If you choose not to pay the interest, your interest will accrue and be capitalized. 

Click here for additional information of the Federal Direct Stafford Loan program.

Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan 

Direct PLUS Loans are for parents of dependent undergraduate student to help pay for education expenses not covered by other financial aid. To receive a parent plus loan, you must be the biological or adoptive parent (or in some cases, the stepparent) of a dependent undergraduate student. Parent must not have an adverse credit history and meet the general eligibility requirements for federal student aid. 

Click here for additional information on the Direct Parent PLUS loan. 

Financial aid Steps

Step 1:  Create a Federal Student Aid ID (Dependent student will be required to have one parent apply as well)

This will allow you and your parent(s) to electronically sign your Financial Aid Documentation). You must have a personal email address for Step 1. If you do not, and/or do not know how to set up an email address, please contact the school. Dependent Students should have parent(s) create an FSA ID (you are considered dependent if you are single, have at least one living parent, have no dependents and are under the age of 24)

  • To Login: Click here to log into the Federal Student Aid website 
  • Click on: Create an FSA ID (or click on Manage My FSA ID if you forgot it)
  • Create your own personal FSA ID & Password
  • Enter your SSN, DOB, and Name
  • Complete Profile Information
  • Complete Challenge Questions Section
  • Review Terms and Conditions and Check box to Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Obtain Secure code sent to your Personal Email Address and Confirm (students and parents must have separate email addresses)
  • Obtain Secure code sent to your mobile phone and Confirm
  • Once FSA ID is created proceed to Step 2 (please record your FSA ID and password for future reference)

Step 2: Apply for FAFSA

  • Login: Click here to log into the Federal Student Aid website
  • Click on: Login
  • Click on: Enter your (the student’s) FSA ID < enter your username and password < Accept
  • Click on: Start 2022-23 FAFSA and follow the instructions given
  • Our Federal School Code is: 009029
  • Question 26 Grade Levels Selection, Choose: Never attended college/or attended college before (First Year Student) or 2nd year undergraduate/sophomore
  • Question 30 Type of Degree/Certificate: Choose: Certificate or diploma (occupational, technical or education program of less than two years)
  • **We recommend utilizing the IRS Data Retrieval tool**

Step 3: Complete Entrance Loan Counseling

  • Complete Entrance Loan Counseling – you are an Undergraduate student
  • Login: Click here to log into the Federal Student Aid website
  • Click On: Sign In (blue box) Enter your log in information and FSA ID
  • Click On: Complete Entrance Counseling (2nd option)
  • Select: Entrance Counseling (1st option)
  • Select: New York State > Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre (The)
  • Select: Notify this school
  • Select: I am completing entrance counseling to receive Direct Loans as an undergraduate student.
  • Follow and Read all instructions carefully. 

Step 4: Complete a Direct Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note

  • Login: Click here to log into the Federal Student Aid website
  • Click On: Sign In / My Profile (blue box) - Enter your log in information and FSA 
  • Click On: Complete Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note) (3rd option) 
  • Click On: MPN for Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans (1st option)
  • Follow instructions given. 

Additional Financial Aid Resources:

 Award Process

Approximately 3-4 business days after submitting the FAFSA online (Click here for the FAFSA website) The Neighborhood Playhouse’s Financial Aid Office will receive your FAFSA information in the form of a Student Aid Report (SAR) electronically. Accepted and enrolled students will be contacted by the Director of Financial Aid within 5-7 business days regarding any necessary verification or corrections to the FAFSA information so that a Financial Aid Award Letter can be issued for the academic year they are applying/enrolling to attend. Inquiries and applicants may contact the Director of Financial Aid to request an estimate of their financial aid package prior to application or acceptance and this request will be handled as time allows on a first-come-first-serve basis after accepted and enrolled students are issued their Financial Aid Award Letters. Students and parents can make any necessary corrections electronically by clicking here for the FAFSA website.

As your FAFSA information is the basis for determining a student's financial need it is imperative the information be as accurate as possible.

ONCE the FAFSA information has been received and any necessary errors or corrections resolved a Financial Aid Award letter will be issued detailing the types and amounts of Federal Student Aid the student (and parent/guardian, if applicable) eligible to be awarded.

On some occasions, a student’s FAFSA is selected for a process called Verification; wherein some information stated in the FAFSA requires additional documents to verify the information stated on the FAFSA is correct. After the FAFSA is submitted any any errors, flags, and/or verification issues have been resolved a Financial Aid Award Letter will be issued detailing the amounts and types of financial aid to be awarded. The student (and parent/guardian, if applicable) must follow all instructions on the Financial Aid Award Letter and the accompanying paperwork and communications with the Director of Financial Aid to receive Federal Student aid.

Again, no Federal Student Aid eligibility can be fully determined until all FAFSA information is current, accurate and verified.

If it has been more than 5-7 business days since you completed your FAFSA and you still have not received an award letter from the Financial Aid Award Officer, then please contact FAFSA. (1-800-4FED-AID/1-800-433-3243) to be sure that your FAFSA is actually *complete and was submitted to the Neighborhood Playhouse’s school code.  *Sometimes a missing signature or some other small piece of information can prevent a FAFSA application from being finalized. Once you have confirmed with FAFSA that your FAFSA is complete and has been submitted, then please contact the Director of Financial Aid, Anthony Reimer ( | 347-896-0800).

Please Note: The school only automatically issues Financial Aid Award Letters (after all corrections and errors have been resolved) of students who are accepted or enrolled in the program. If you are interested in applying or are in the process of applying and wish to share your FAFSA. information with The Playhouse using our school code before completing the application process then you should contact the Director of Financial Aid and request an estimated Financial Aid Award Letter. Then the FAFSA information for the respective applicant/inquiry will be reviewed, any errors resolved, corrections made, and an estimated Financial Aid Award Letter will be issued stating what Federal Student Aid you would be eligible for should you decide to complete the application process, determined accepted, and enroll to attend. 


Director of Financial Aid – Anthony Reimer

The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre
Attn: Anthony Reimer or Financial Aid
340 E. 54th Street, New York, NY 10022

The Financial Aid Office is Located on the 2nd floor. Inquiries, Applicants, and Students along with their Parent/Guardian are welcome to stop by in person by scheduling an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome if Anthony Reimer is available at the date/time they arrive. 

Receiving federal student aid/Disbursement

The School Office will disburse your loan in at least two installments (one per term); no installment will be greater than half the amount of your loan for the school year. If you're a first-year undergraduate student and a first-time borrower, your first disbursement will be made 30 days after the first day of your enrollment period.

Federal PELL Grants are also disbursed in equal amounts for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Grant and Loan disbursements are first applied to your direct tuition costs for the designated term.  Any amount of federal student aid received on behalf of a student (PELL grant, DIRECT Student Loans (SUB/UNSUB), Parent PLUS Loan) exceeding direct tuition costs for the student will be refunded to the student (parent/guardian if applicable to be used for indirect school expenses (i.e. room, board, transportation, etc.).

If you have any questions about disbursements or refund checks for federal aid received above tuition cost, please contact Anthony Reimer, Director of Financial Aid immediately ( | 347-432-7011).

How Much Federal Student Aid Do I Need?

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

All recipients of Federal Student Aid must maintain satisfactory progress as defined below or risk becoming ineligible to receive aid.

Students must successfully complete the entire curriculum throughout the first and second year maintaining satisfactory grades/evaluation and attendance. This entails maintaining 2.0/4.0 GPA or higher (the equivalent of a 73/100) and accrue no more than 40hrs of absence per term.  There is no allowance for a student receiving a failing grade/evaluation or exceeding the maximum absences permitted in any course component of the scheduled curriculum and still successfully maintain satisfactory academic progress in the program.

First Year of the Two-Year Certificate: Professional Actor Training Program encompasses approximately 930 clock hours each year over a 35-week period.

Second Year of the Two-Year Certificate: Professional Actor Training Program: encompasses approximately 993 clock hours each year over a 35-week period.

A student is considered to be making satisfactory progress attend regularly and demonstrate concentrated, committed study, progress through curriculum, and successfully complete course-work and assignments as evidenced by faculty evaluations/grades issued each term for each course. A student who exhibits poor progress in any class will be given a mid-term warning to alert the student that he or she might be failing by the Executive Director. A student who exhibits poor attendance is given a warning and then, if attendance does not improve, placed on probation if they exceed the designated amount of permitted absences or lateness (see Student Handbook Attendance & Lateness Policy). A student accumulating more than 10% absence per term (fails to complete at least 465 hours 1st Year | 496.5 hours 2nd Year) may be dismissed unless mitigating circumstances exist and missed coursework, assignments, and instruction can be made-up. Under such circumstances, a student may enroll in the following term only in cases where absence has been unavoidable (as in the case of personal or family illness) and they attend make-up classes to cover missed course-work.

Students will be expected to have completed 465 1st YR | 465 2nd YR clock hours exhibiting satisfactory progress (2.0/4.0 GPA or higher and less than 40hrs of absence) for each term they enroll prior to the disbursement of any aid for future terms. Failure to complete the term with Satisfactory Academic Progress will result in the cancellation of aid unless, through the process of appeal, the student is placed on probation. Should a student fail to make Satisfactory Academic Progress by the end of the probation then future financial aid award will be rescinded.

The standard time frame for the completion of the total 1860 clock hours of the program is two consecutive academic years (over 70 weeks) at which time a certificate of merit will be awarded to confirm successful competition with Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Rights & Responsibilities of Students Receiving Financial Aid

Federal Student Loans come with repayment rights and responsibilities. To learn more before borrowing a loan, please read over the numerous Student Guides (PDF’s, videos, webpages, and more) created by the U.S. Department of Education. Or click here for Student Loan online resources. 


1     All full-time students accepted and enrolled in the Two-Year Certificate: Professional Actor Training program have the right to be considered for aid if they are eligible according to the US Department of Education standards.
2     Those students who qualify for the Federal Pell Grant have the right to receive the full amount as determined by Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) based on their FAFSA information and enrollment status.
3     Students have the right to complete information regarding financial aid awarded, aid credited to tuition and any obligation such aid may entail.
4     Students have the right to receive detailed truth-in-lending information.
5     All students have the right to receive detailed information in regards to:
◦       The School's accreditation
◦       The School's program, faculty, & facilities
◦       Cost of attendance and refund policy
◦       Financial assistance and financial aid personnel
◦       Financial aid procedures, deadlines and selection of recipients
◦       How financial need is determined and how much has been met
◦       Procedure for review of aid if circumstances have been changed
◦       How satisfactory progress is determined.


To continue to receive Federal Student Aid the student must

  1. File the FAFSA or renewal FAFSA by the appropriate deadline each school year.
  2. Notify the Director of Financial Aid if they do not plan to continue study at the earliest possible date.
  3. Click here to complete Entrance Loan Counseling online through their FSA account, click here to sign an MPN, and attend all mandatory Financial Aid student meetings if receiving Federal Stafford Loans (Direct Student Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans)
  4. Click here to complete Exit Counseling through their FSA account and attend the mandatory Financial Aid exit meeting before leaving the program if awarded Federal Stafford Loans.
  5. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (2.0/4.0 GPA or higher & less than 40hrs of absence per term) in the program.
  6. All students receiving aid from Federally-funded programs must: 
  • If male, confirm that the student has registered with Selective Service, if required to do so;
  • Submit a valid FAFSA by the due date (contact Director of Financial Aid)
  • Confirm that he or she is not in default on any Federally-funded loan and does not owe a refund of any Federally -funded grant received for attendance at any institution;
  • Complete the verification process within the deadline given in order to receive aid;
  • Notify the School if any FAFSA or related information has changed since FAFSA was made and submitted.

7. All recipients are expected to research, read and understand all financial aid policies and procedures.

If the student owes a refund of Federal Student Aid received for study at The Neighborhood Playhouse, the school will return the designated Financial and no additional funds may be disbursed on behalf of the student until that amount is repaid to the school and the students account balance is $0.00. Students who have received cash disbursement of Federal Student Aid and withdraw from school may owe a refund. The Neighborhood Playhouse will return the designated Federal Student Aid and the student will be notified of the amount they owe to cover the return of funds. These amounts are determined by Federal regulations. Please see below for the Return of Title IV Funds regulations.

Early Withdrawal, Return of Title IV Funds (Federal Student Aid), and Refunds

Should a student withdraw for any reason while completing less than or equal to than 60% of the scheduled class hours per term, then a designated portion of the Federal Aid awarded to the student must be returned to the USDE. The type(s) and amount(s) of Federal Student aid returned will be according to Federal Regulation. This is determined through R2T4 calculation and is in proportion to the number of class hours the student has completed and the total number of class hours the student was scheduled to complete during the term of withdraw. However, should a student withdraw after completing equal to or more than 61%, no federal student aid is required to be returned.

% of Earned Aid =

# of Class Hours Completed in the Term (Payment Period)


Total # of Class Hours Scheduled in the Term (Payment Period)

 To keep 100% of the aid awarded, this calculation must be greater than or equal to 61%.


Students who must, for whatever reason, withdraw from The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, will receive refunds of tuition for the current term/payment period in the following manner:

  • Withdrawal prior to the first day of class: 100%
  • Withdrawal within the first calendar week from opening date: 85%
  • Withdrawal within the second calendar week from opening date: 70%
  • Withdrawal within the third calendar week from opening date: 55%
  • Withdrawal after the completion of the third calendar week: NONE
  • PLEASE NOTE: A non-registration fee of $150 will be deducted from all refunds. Requests for refunds must be made to the Executive Director in writing (see handbook for ‘written notification’ instructions’).

Deferment of Federal Student aid

If you are enrolled in The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre’s Two Year Certificate: Professional Actor Training program then you are eligible to defer any prior federal student loans as you are eligible to do while attending any accredited program at an Institution of Higher Education approved by the US Department of Education (USDE) as such. In order to defer prior loan payments while in enrolled in school you must obtain a deferment form from your loan-servicing lender submit it to the Director of Financial Aid to verify, sign and submit to the appropriate entities. Click here for more information on deferment.


Click here for a great resource for how to repay your student loans. They have the different repayment plans and lots of valuable resources. Click here for a repayment estimator.


If I have attended college/university but did not graduate, am I still eligible for financial aid?

Again, it depends on several factors. Each applicant and/or student’s situation is unique as your eligibility depends on whether you were awarded undergraduate financial aid previously, the aggregate amount of aid awarded, borrower status, etc. It’s best to complete the FAFSA and add The Playhouse’s school code and then contact the Director of Financial Aid, Anthony Reimer to determine if you are eligible for aid and in what amounts and what form. 

If I already have earned my undergraduate degree, am I still eligible for financial aid?

It depends on several factors. Each applicant/students situation is unique as your eligibility depends on whether you were awarded undergraduate financial aid previously, the aggregate amount of aid awarded, borrower status, etc. It’s best to complete the FAFSA and add The Playhouse’s school code and then contact the Director of Financial Aid, Anthony Reimer to determine if you are eligible for aid and in what amounts and what form. 

If I have already earned my undergraduate degree, I should check ‘YES’ in answer to ‘Are you working towards a graduate or professional degree?’ correct?

No. The answer to question 49 on the FAFSA is always “NO”. The Playhouse does not have the general education requirements  of a graduate or professional degree program to be considered an MS, MA, MFA, PhD, etc. program whether you have completed a bachelor’s program or not.

Will my financial aid cover my tuition?

Everyone’s situation is unique but

  1. If your FAFSA information determines you are an Independent Undergraduate Student (or a Dependent who’s parent/guardian is not eligible for a Parent PLUS loan) qualifying for the maximum amount of aid you can expect to cover almost all direct tuition expenses with a balance of approximately $500 for the academic year.
  2. If your FAFSA information determines you are an Undergraduate Student qualifying for the maximum amount of aid, you can expect to cover all direct tuition expenses and (with the Parent PLUS Loan) some portion of living expenses.

What is The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre federal code?


Can I pay my tuition with a credit card?

We accept Master Card and Visa. Payments can be for your entire tuition or for a portion of it. However, we discourage paying your tuition on a credit card unless you have the funds to pay it off right away. Credit card interest rates are very high and it could take you years to pay it off. In the long run, it would cost you substantially more than if you used a student loan.

Does the tuition increase every year?

No. Tuition increases are reviewed and decided upon on a yearly basis. An increase depends on the costs of running the school and inflation. When tuition does increase, we try to do it in reasonable increments so that your tuition is not substantially different during the second year than it was in the first.

What do I need to do to apply for financial aid?

Please fill out your FAFSA form online. The FAFSA website has instructions and will guide you through the financial aid process.

What do I do after I have completed my online FAFSA?

Once you have completed your FAFSA, resolved any errors or verification flags, and determined what amount of the federal student aid you qualify for you will take advantage of, then you will  The institution will require you to fill out a promissory note. Once you receive your financial aid award letter from The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, please follow the instructions in the cover letter to follow through and receive your financial aid. Once you’ve completed all the steps in the cover letter, Circle will be able to certify your loans.

How can I check on the status of my FAFSA?

Call 1-800-4-FED-AID or click here to login into your FAFSA account.    

Where can I find out more information about student loans?

Click here for information about Funding Education Beyond High School.

I am financially independent from my parents, can I file my FAFSA as an independent student?

Only students who can answer “YES” to any of the questions 48-55 on the FAFSA are considered independent even if his or her parents do not support him or her.

Is there a way to defer payments on student loans from the school(s) I attended prior to attending The Playhouse?

Yes. You must contact your lender to obtain a deferment form. Once you've been accepted and enrolled please submit the deferment form/request to Anthony Reimer. She will verification you are a present, full-time student in an eligible program and complete and submit the deferment form accordingly.