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Accepted Students

Accepted students will be notified of their acceptance via email with an official Acceptance Letter along with an Enrollment Packet which includes the Enrollment Agreement, Physical Examination form, and other important documents.

A Non-Refundable Deposit of $500.00 USD is required to hold the student’s position and is applied towards tuition.
 Payment accepted in cash, check, credit card (transaction fee applies), or wire transfer (transaction fees apply).

If you wish to pay your Non-Refundable Enrollment Deposit by credit card or wire transfer, please contact Elizabeth Dow, Admissions and Office Administrator, at 212.688.3770  or email at


We are committed to keeping The Playhouse affordable. However, standard rises with inflation may be expected. 

2021-22 Two Year Certificate Acting Program

September 13, 2021 – May 11, 2022

Application Fee: $75

Non-Refundable Deposit: $500

Total First Year Tuition: $17,200* (this includes the $500.00 non-refundable enrollment deposit)

  • First Semester Tuition payment of $8,350.00 due June 25th, 2021
  • Second Semester Tuition payment of $8,350.00 due January 4th, 2022

Total Second Year tuition: $17,600* (this includes the $500.00 non-refundable enrollment deposit)

  • First Tuition Payment of $8,550.00 due July 30th, 2021
  • Second Tuition payment of $8,550.00 due January 4th, 2022

2021 Online Six Week Summer Intensive

June 7th, 2021 – July 16th, 2021

Application Fee: $75
Tuition Deposit: $500 
Total Tuition: $3500.00* (this includes the $500.00 non-refundable tuition deposit)

Domestic Tuition Deadline: May 3rd, 2021 // International Tuition Deadline: May 3rd, 2021

All fees are payable by specified dates before the beginning of each semester. Unless otherwise agreed to, all late payments are subject to a late payment charge of 2% per month.

*All prices are subject to change*

Payment of tuition and fees can be made via bank wire transfer, US money order, US Bank check, or credit card (Visa, Master Card, or Discover). The applicant is responsible for all International and local bank and transaction fees applied to their method of payment.

Estimated cost of living in New York City during the first year of the Two Year Certificate Program:

Housing: $1250 per month, $11,250 total

Food: $585 per month, $5,265 total

Travel: $127 per month, $1,143 total (cost of Monthly NYC Transit Subway Metrocard)

Course Materials/Books: $400
Total Estimated Living Expenses: $18,058*

*Actual cost of living will vary from student to student.

International Accepted Students:

In addition to the items listed above, International Students will be sent the Foreign Student Information and International Student To Do List forms. The student must fill out the Foreign Student Information form and return it to The Neighborhood Playhouse via email or fax along with their Enrollment Agreement and tuition payment. This form provides the information required by SEVP and US Department of Homeland Security government agencies before the school may issue the I-20 SEVIS form and other documents/instructions needed to initiate the F-1 Student Visa process at the US Embassy in the student’s home country. Click here to visit the Department of Homeland Security's "Study In The States" website for more details. 

Upon receipt of the I-20 SEVIS form stating your SEVIS I.D. number, you must file for Form I-901 online and pay the required fee at The I-901 Form and fee process is NOT conducted through or affiliated with The Neighborhood Playhouse. You should click here to consult the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement website for Form I-901.  There are fees associated with filing this form. The Form I-901 filing fee payment information can be found by clicking here.

Please note: Effective July 31, 2013, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) will no longer mail I-797C receipts. The payment confirmation that can be printed from the FMJFEE website ( will replace the I-797C mailed receipt. The payment confirmation can be printed anytime by clicking on the “Check I-901 Status / Print Payment Confirmation” button on ICE website. After entering your SEVIS ID, Last Name, and Date of Birth you will be able to print your payment confirmation.

International students will need the following items along with anything else the US Embassy in your home country requires: I-901 SEVIS fee receipt (I-797C Form), I-20 SEVIS form (issued by the school), a valid passport, birth certificate and proof of finances (bank statements/letters verifying sufficient funds are available to cover the tuition and living expenses, estimated at $2000 per month, for the duration of your program of study in the USA). These items will be submitted to the U.S. Consulate or U.S. Embassy in the student’s home country to initiate and complete the F-1 Student Visa process required to attend The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and enter the USA.

Canadian citizens have slightly a altered F-1 Student Visa process which may not require appearance at the US Consulate or US Embassy and allows the I-797C Form (I-901 SEVIS fee receipt) to serve in as the required F-1 Student Visa documentation (along with a valid passport and I-20 SEVIS Form from the school) for entry to the USA and its territories.

If you have any questions please contact Anthony Reimer, International Student Affairs, at or (212) 688-3770.

Financial Aid:

Financial aid is available in the full-time Professional Actor Training program for those who qualify. International students are not eligible, in most cases, for United States Federal Student Aid (TITLE IV loans and grants). Click here to visit out Financial Aid webpage for more detailed information. 

Accreditations, Approvals and Authorizations:

The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST).

The school is also approved by New York State Education Department to offer post-secondary training in Dramatic Arts: Acting to provide training to US veterans under Chapter 33 GI BILL and Post 9/11 GI BILL Veterans Benefits as a non-degree granting certificate program. The school meets the eligibility requirements to award federal student aid to qualifying students offered under the US Dept. of Education’s Title IV program. Title IV assistance is available only to U.S. citizens, with very few exceptions. Students interested in applying for financial assistance should notify the school’s Financial Aid Officer of this interest when applying to ensure they begin the application process in a timely and correct manner.

Federal School Code No. 00902900

 need-based financial aid: Eligible students can receive Pell Grants, Subsidized Direct Loans & Unsubsidized Direct Loans.

Available non need-based financial aid: Eligible students can receive Unsubsidized Direct Loans and Direct PLUS loans. Direct PLUS Loans are available to the parents of eligible students to further aid the education of their children.

How do I apply?

Fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form online at Printed FAFSA forms are can be obtained by contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center at P.O. Box 84, Washington, DC 20044 or by telephone: 1-800-FED-AID. Hard copy FAFSA forms may also be available at your local library.


Where can I get help regarding my Financial Aid process at the Playhouse?
Contact Anthony Reimer at 212.688.3770 or 
Or call 1-800-FED-AID.

International students seeking private or alternative student aid should investigate sources of aid for study in the USA in their home countries. All students seeking additional private or alternative financial resources (loans, grants, scholarships) in the first year should investigate the plethora of private funding sources.

Return of Title IV (Federal Financial Aid Due to Student Withdrawal)

The return to the Federal Government of Title IV funds not earned by the student due to withdrawal from the program before completion are subject to the Reauthorization Regulations of the U.S. Department of Education . These revised policies affect only the funds that are to be returned to Title IV. Further information in this regard is available to all enrolled students in the Student Handbook, which is distributed at Orientation each year and by clicking here for the Financial Aid section of the website. The student handbook also includes information on the policies governing Dates of Withdrawal and their Determination, policies concerning Leaves of Absence, and the Refund Policy.

Should a student withdraw for any reason while completing less than or equal to than 60% of the scheduled class hours per term, then a designated portion of the Federal Aid awarded to the student must be returned to the USDE. The type(s) and amount(s) of Federal Student aid returned will be according to Federal Regulation. This is determined through R2T4 calculation and is in proportion to the number of class hours the student has completed and the total number of class hours the student was scheduled to complete during the term of withdraw. However, should a student withdraw after completing equal to or more than 61%, no federal student aid is required to be returned.

% of Earned Aid =

# of Class Hours Completed in the Term (Payment Period)


Total # of Class Hours Scheduled in the Term (Payment Period) 

To keep 100% of the aid awarded, this calculation must be greater than or equal to 61%

Gainful Employment (GE) Disclosure Requirements

The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre is considered a Gainful Employment Program under the Title IV – eligible programs of the U.S. Department of Education. View our complete Gainful Employment Disclosure by clicking this link.

  • OPEID: 00902900.
  • Dept. of Ed CIP: 50.0506
  • Acting Title: 2-Year Program in Dramatic Art
  • Acting Definition: A 2 Year full time program (September to May – Mon to Fri for 70 total weeks) that prepares the actor-in-training for entry into the competitive professional world of Show Business.
  • Level of the Program: 01- Undergraduate Certificate
  • Program Length: 18 months (70 weeks over 2 years)
  • Related Occupations: Actors – Stage, Motion Pictures, Television & Radio; Directors, Entertainers, Agents, Producers, Talent Directors and Drama Teachers.

Special Scholarships and Loan Programs

There are a number of scholarship funds that have been set up by alumni and friends of The Neighborhood Playhouse. 
Criteria are based on a combination of both need and merit. Please click on Please click here for Scholarship information which can be found under the Admissions tab.